Our Method

Technical Site Survey

Before we do testing or make any recommendations for a customer, we thoroughly analyze the situation, following our methodical multi-step process. Using our eight-page technical survey, we find the strengths and weaknesses of the operation. The survey looks at site design, the operation, and the chemical selection. Some of our questions include:

  • Number of treatment facilities?
  • Does the customer have a drawing or can they draw out a flow-through diagram of the process?
  • Number of tankers per day?
  • Is there any chemistry added here and is it injected in the right location?
  • What materials are the off-load pipes and equipment made of?

Knowing everything about a customer’s operation gives us the knowledge to make recommendations.

Expert Lab Testing and Analysis

After we conduct our thorough site analysis, we turn to testing to discover what’s in the customer’s oil and water. We pull samples for field and lab tests, so we will understand the unique elements of the liquids. Once we understand what distinctive elements are causing problems or costing the customer money, we can make recommendations. Taking the time to do an intensive analysis of the customer’s liquids gives us the information we need for custom chemical recommendations.

Technical Recommendation

Using the data we collected during the site survey and lab tests, we’ll design a custom chemical treatment program to address problem areas. Because of our detailed analysis, sometimes we uncover problems of which the customer wasn’t even aware.

In this document, we give the customer new chemical selection recommendations, dosing requirements, and the where, what, why and when data to optimize their operation. We also outline recommended trial installation and testing.

Trial Installation and Testing

Once we get the go-ahead from the customer, we start trial installation and testing of our recommendations. It’s important to first do a trial run to ensure the chemicals react how we expect them, and that the resulting product is the best quality. During the testing, we record results to show the before and after data to show the customer our superior results, and to make adjustments as needed. Our practice of trial and testing ensures the customer gets the best results from our treatments.

Ongoing Monitoring

Our service doesn’t end with final installation. We continue to monitor the situation to make sure the customer continues to get high-quality products and superior results. We monitor chemicals and each process, and regularly report back to the customer. We calibrate dosing pumps to ensure proper dosing, and to maintain the quality of the products. On-going monitoring is an important step after making any chemical or process changes. We form long-term partnerships with our customers to make sure they maintain their positive results.

Program Review

We regularly meet with our customers to review historical data that we gather during our on-going monitoring. Because we maintain long-term partnerships with our customers, we’re always looking for improvements. If we find that the data supports a change, we’ll recommend that to our client. We’re in the business to make our customer’s successful, with our thorough treatment program, regular reviews and continual quest for improvement.

Course Corrections

If, during our monitoring and review, we find that a chemical isn’t performing well enough or that the product quality could improve, we’re not afraid to recommend a change. With the customer’s approval, we’ll plan and make adjustments to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. None of our treatment plans are unchangeable, and you can trust us to always want the best for our customers.