Have you been watching the news?

Clean oil is a major concern worldwide. People are concerned about the health and safety of injection wells. Government agencies are tightening the clamps on evaporation ponds. And reusing produced water is becoming more popular.

Take a few moments to follow what news sources are saying about the remarkable results that ATS ChemFlo is creating with its SWD solutions.

Suspended Solids Removal at SWD Facilities

An injection well in Ohio was suffering from a reduction in injectivity. The rapid plugging of the hole resulted in work stoppages, and expensive equipment repairs and treatments. Facility managers realized something needed to change with their chemistry, so they...

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SWD Injection Wells: Reduced Flows and Increased Pressures

In many states around the U.S., SWD injection wells are big business. On average, 10 barrels of salt water are produced for each barrel of crude oil. Much of that water is then put back into SWD injection wells, which has been the standard practice in the industry for...

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Water Injection Well Fails When Fluid is Bad

Late last year, operators of a water injection well in Kansas started having problems. They noticed a reduction in injectivity, and the well was failing. They'd been operating this well for a while, and the machinery was in good shape. Their personnel on site were...

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Oilfield Automation Means Fewer Industry Fatalities

Oilfield automation isn't a thing of the future—it's now. Students who once dreamed of working on an oil rig or as a petroleum engineer are now choosing computer programming or robotics. They want to work in the oil industry, but they see technology as the way...

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Diesel Fuel Additives Save Money for Oil and Gas Companies

Executives at a Texas-based energy company thought they were familiar with most production chemicals for the oil and gas industry. But then they started having trouble with diesel particulate filters in their trucks. Soot clogged the filters, causing the trucks to go...

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Emulsion Treatment in Subsystems at Oil Refineries

Salts Are Plugging Up Your Operations Salt in the oil refining process can cause serious problems if not removed properly. A refinery in the U.S. had a malfunctioning desalter, leading to extensive damage. The salts started accumulating in stills, exchangers, and...

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Acidizing Treatment: How to Implement Successfully

Acidizing Treatments Improve Oil Production 10 Fold Operators of several wells in Southeast Asia needed to repair damage using an acidizing treatment. But they were worried about the treatment causing precipitation problems. So they carefully analyzed the minerals and...

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Keep your SWD facility running like a well-oiled machine

A salt water disposal (SWD) facility in Utah was burning money on treatment chemistries. The costs kept rising as the price of crude oil was dropping—further hurting the business's bottom line. So the company contacted ChemFlo, and we found the right salt water...

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Injection Wells: the Heart and Soul of Your Operation

With mounting pressure from environmentalists and regulatory agencies about the safety and control of injection wells, it's more important now than ever to properly protect and maintain these vital assets. ChemFlo knows that injection wells are the heart and soul of...

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Cleaner skim oil is possible with ChemFlo

A facility in the U.S. wasn't getting clean enough skim oil, and was doing second and third treatments to get oil ready for sales. This was costing time and money. With oil prices dropping and production costs getting higher and higher, that wasn't going to cut it....

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We’re the Slop Oil Treatment Specialists

When you come to ChemFlo because you've got a problem with your slop oil treatment—whether you want to drop out more solids, better separate water, or you're not getting as much oil out of it as you'd like—one of the first things our team of experts will do is sample...

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Pipeline treatment: We’ve got the right chemistry

Pipeline treatment is a vital part of your business when it comes to oilfield scale. Keeping your pipes open ensures your production water gets to or from (or both) your facility without having to put trucks on the road. But the product you're transporting through the...

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We’ll Keep Your Evaporation Pond Up to Code

Using an evaporation pond isn't a popular choice among environmentalists, farmers, or regulatory agencies. Stories about unregulated evaporation ponds in Kansas in the 1930s and 1940s mention destroyed farmland and water systems with dissolved salts, leading some...

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Use recycled water, save money

Making the decision to use recycled pit water can make a huge difference in your bottom line. In the past, oil producers didn't stop to consider recycled water because it was too expensive to treat the salty, oily water. But technology has changed that. In fact, one...

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Salt Water Disposal Problems? We’ve Got the Solutions

A salt water disposal (SWD) facility in the Midwest was having problems with repeat equipment failures that resulted in costly repairs. And because the cost of oil was dropping and its production prices and regulations were increasing, the facility needed to make some...

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Lab testing + experts = Best product, higher profits

With our lab testing, oilfield testing, methodical process, and team of experts, ChemFlo knows how to get your business in the black. And nothing will boost your bottom line more—other than rising oil prices—than using the correct chemicals at your SWD facility. Stop...

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Improve Your Chemical Treatment Program with ChemFlo

Recently, managers at a facility in the midwest came to ChemFlo because they knew their chemical treatment program needed a change. They wanted to improve the quality of the facility’s oil and remove more solids. They also wanted to capture more oil for resale at the...

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Problems with oil field chemistry? We’re the answer

When you've got a problem with your oil field chemistry whether, it's an underperforming polymer, bacteria forming in your pipes, equipment corroding, poor-quality oil, or something else, you want a partner that will work with you to get your facility running...

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Partners for Life in Oilfield Chemistry

You came to ChemFlo with a problem. So we've analyzed your site and situation, done lab testing, made recommendations, and implemented trial installation and testing. And now you're all set with new oilfield chemistry. But our service doesn't end there. We continue to...

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