A facility in the U.S. wasn’t getting clean enough skim oil, and was doing second and third treatments to get oil ready for sales. This was costing time and money. With oil prices dropping and production costs getting higher and higher, that wasn’t going to cut it. Facility managers wanted to stop sinking, so they contacted ChemFlo for the right sales oil treatment.

Using a scientific methodology—something not seen much in the industry anymore—ChemFlo’s team of experts helped save the facility. They know that selecting the right oil field chemistry and the best injection location are critical. By accomplishing those goals they can produce clean skim oil.

Chemistry and Location Matter in Skim Oil

ChemFlo’s experts follow a scientific methodology to solve skim oil problems.

We start by analyzing your site—including the injection location—and then we pull samples for lab testing. Once we understand the exact elements that need to be adjusted, we’ll know what you need to get the cleanest skim oil ready for sales.

Once we know what’s going on with your liquids, we design a chemical treatment program for the best results. This gives customers the right dosing requirements as well as the where, why, and when you need to optimize your operation. We’ll evaluate results before and after, follow up, and make changes if needed.

Relying on a thorough analysis, lab results, evaluation, and data comparisons gives ChemFlo customers the best chemistry and results—aka clean skim oil ready for sales.

The Right Team

ChemFlo has the right team to get your facility running at optimal levels with skim oil ready for sales, resulting in time and cost savings.

Our expert team has more than 150 years of combined experience in the business. That includes backgrounds in production water, hydrogen sulfide control, corrosion, scaling, slop-oil treatment, and injection well treatments. We use Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints and Lean Manufacturing to continuously bring more value to our customers.

That experience also means our team has learned what it takes to fully understand clients’ concerns. So we will provide proven solutions.

We believe in developing long-term relationships with our customers to reduce labor costs, increase production, and boost your revenue.

By partnering with ChemFlo, you’ll work with a team that truly understands your operation. We will adjust your chemistry and evaluate your injection location so you’ll produce clean skim oil ready for sales, or that requires minimal secondary treatment for basic sediment and water. Give us a call today at (800) 747-9953 to start on the path toward saving time and money.

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