What if we could make flowback water treatment easier? Spoiler: We’re about to. A saltwater disposal operation in eastern Utah is set to become the first site where we inject chemicals via the Profire PC180 Chemical Management System.

Automation in the oil industry is increasing every year. New rigs are coming online to remove people from dangerous situations, computers are replacing people onsite for monitoring, among other industry innovations. So now it’s our turn with oil and gas water treatment. Our partnership with Profire keeps ATS on the cutting edge of oilfield technology. Here’s why this is the game changer: the system works on new and older model pumps, and it will save in chemical and repair costs. Also, it essentially removes user errors.

Use new and older model pumps

Because we take innovation seriously and take pride in our ability to do so, we don’t stop with our in-house products. We’re continually looking to improve how we deliver and use our services. The versatile Profire PC180 Chemical Management System can be retrofitted with older pumps. It also extends the “low-end range of existing injector pumps.” Together, this means you don’t have to spend more money to get a better chemical delivery system.

Other system features

  •    Hazardous location approvals for Class 1, Division1
  •    Pneumatic and electric options available
  •    Set rates with pneumatic keypad interface
  •    Continuous injection

Save in chemical and repair costs

We love to deliver cost savings to our customers while supplying superior products and services. Because of that, we know the PC180 is the system for you. When you install the system for your produced water treatment, we’ll be able to closely monitor chemical injection—better than ever. It also comes with reduced pump repairs and better chemical management. The technology allows us to use fewer chemicals. So your bottom line will improve when we add the PC180 to your flowback water treatment system.

PC180 compatible chemicals for flowback water treatment

  •    H2S Scavengers
  •    Asphaltene Dispersant
  •    Corrosion Inhibitor
  •    Biocide
  •    Methanol
  •    Wax Dispersant
  •    Soap
  •    Scale Inhibitor
  •    Wax Solvent

Remove user errors

Industrial safety is one of the key missions for ATS. With the PC180 system and our chemical prescription, you’ll worry less about worker safety. Because of the technology, the system reduces hazardous materials exposure to workers. They won’t be handling the chemicals at the rates they are now. Also, with this system, we can adjust the chemical injection rate based on the current well conditions. So your workers won’t have to start and stop, and potentially make mistakes or break equipment. As a result, this system will minimize user errors and potential injuries.

Technology and innovation are moving targets, so you need to stay on top of the game to make it in this industry. At ATS, we not only hit those targets, we pass them. With our chemical know-how and the technology of the Profire PC180, your flowback water treatment will be better than ever. You’ll save in chemical and repair costs, seriously reduce user errors, and best of all—you won’t even need to buy a new pump. Let us help you innovate.

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