Recently, managers at a facility in the midwest came to ChemFlo because they knew their chemical treatment program needed a change. They wanted to improve the quality of the facility’s oil and remove more solids. They also wanted to capture more oil for resale at the centrifuge operation, with higher slop oil feed rates and reduced polymer usage. Bottom line? They needed recommendations on the experts in oilfield chemicals.

Our expert team collected samples for lab testing and historical data so they could design a custom chemical treatment program. This technical recommendation document is part of our multi-step Cross-Functional Customized Facility Treatment Program.

Our Process

We follow a methodical, scientific, proven process to give our customers the best outcomes.

We start with a technical survey, where we quickly identify your potential strengths and weaknesses in site design, operation, and chemical selection. Then we take samples for testing so we can identify what’s in your water and oil. We also collect historical data for reference.

These steps lead to the technical recommendations for your oilfield chemicals treatment program. It’s where we recommend chemical and dosing changes. And it tells you the what, where, why and when information you need to make your operation run as efficiently and profitably as possible.

Our process is proven to save our customers time, money, and equipment while delivering the best products.

Our Recommendations

When we get results back from our lab, we start designing a custom chemical treatment program for the customer. This document includes recommendations for trial testing of chemicals and sometimes protocol changes.

In our technical recommendation, we list expected outcomes and results, goals, and results of our testing. We also include project recommendations and next steps. Our thorough technical recommendations give customers a snapshot of our work, what’s happening at the facility, and what they need to do to get the best results.

Our Recommendations on Oilfield Chemicals Produce Proven Results

Once we had lab results back for the midwest customer, we designed custom recommendations to consistently deliver better quality oil at a lower cost. In this case, we recommended a new polymer with changes to dosing rates and when it’s applied. We also recommended testing demulsifiers, because during testing we’d discovered that the existing demulsifier wasn’t doing its job. We learned the demulsifier was requiring the facility to make up for its inadequacy by using more polymer.

Our process, with our custom technical recommendations, make ChemFlo a leader in the oilfield chemicals industry. The recommendations give customers specific details on how to improve their products while also saving money.


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