With mounting pressure from environmentalists and regulatory agencies about the safety and control of injection wells, it’s more important now than ever to properly protect and maintain these vital assets.

ChemFlo knows that injection wells are the heart and soul of any Salt Water Disposal operation. So we’ll help you keep excess solids, paraffins, and oils from getting down hole. This will keep your injection formation healthy and also out of environmentalists’ and regulatory agencies’ crosshairs. When you partner with us, you’ll reduce or even eliminate the need for costly acid batch treatments and the associated shutdowns—all of which improves your bottom line.

Pressure’s on

Injection wells have been getting more attention from government agencies—including the Government Accountability Office—environmentalists, and the media in recent years. Keeping up with injection well maintenance not only saves you money, but keeps your well out of the headlines.

A 2014 GAO report to Congress criticized the EPA‘s handling of injection wells, saying that its oversight had been inadequate.

And in California, officials there have been worried about water contamination from injection wells. At one point, the state shut down more than 10 injection sites over concerns that waste fluids were reaching drinking water aquifers.

With ChemFlo, you’ll keep excess solids, paraffins, and oils from getting into your well. We’ll help you ensure that it runs smoothly and doesn’t catch the attention of regulatory agencies or protesters.

Keep unwanted materials out of your injection wells

An important component to injection well protection is keeping unwanted materials out of the site.

Solids management is one of the most difficult issues involved in salt water disposal. At ChemFlo, our team of consultative experts takes extreme care in managing and maintaining the water delivered down hole. We know that when excess solids, paraffins, oils, or anything else unwanted makes it through the SWD tank battery and into the injection well, the costs of reworking can negate profits for the whole year.

We will drop out or solubilize the solids that plug your injection well. This will reduce your overall operations costs and eliminating treatments and the shutdowns associated with them.

Keeping unwanted solids and other materials out of your injection well will keep it and your bottom line healthy.

Become partners with benefits

At ChemFlo, we partner with our customers to produce amazing benefits—better chemistry and cost savings.

Our experts take the time to listen to your concerns and investigate your issues. Then we conduct lab tests to design a custom chemical solution. We’ll reduce the number of solids going down hole, which will reduce your overall chemical spend. Plus, keeping solids out of the well will result in increased flow rates and decreased back pressures. The result—lower electrical costs because of shorter pumping cycles at lower amperages.

Partnering with ChemFlo saves our customers money and improves the longevity of their injection wells and equipment.

Our experts understand your salt water disposal

Because of our decades of experience maintaining and protecting injection wells, our team of experts understands your SWD operation and how to keep it running smoothly. Our process will save you money, and keep your injection well healthy and well maintained. It also will give environmentalists and regulatory agencies no reason to put their spotlight on you.

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