Using an evaporation pond isn’t a popular choice among environmentalists, farmers, or regulatory agencies. Stories about unregulated evaporation ponds in Kansas in the 1930s and 1940s mention destroyed farmland and water systems with dissolved salts, leading some states to ban the practice altogether.


So if one is part of your SWD operation, it better be incredibly efficient to avoid the focus of anti-evaporation groups. At ChemFlo we understand what’s going on in the SWD regulatory world. And we have the evaporative pond treatment products to make your pond the most efficient it can be.

Your Problems

Evaporation ponds aren’t the focus of positive stories anywhere.

In Kansas, evaporation ponds commonly used in the mid-20th century ended up accumulating salts over decades. Rain washed out the salt or concentrated brine, where it got into the ground water. Or the salt remained and crews covered it with soil. But that had negative long-term impacts on any crops that farmers attempted to grow in the area.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service labels evaporation ponds a risk to migratory birds and other wildlife.

And state regulatory agencies around the country have either banned them or severely limit their use.

What you need is to make your evaporation pond as efficient as possible, to mitigate the concerns of government agencies and others.

Our Solutions

The expert team at ChemFlo knows that regulatory agencies are putting pressure on you to eliminate your evaporation ponds. But that may not be a wise business decision for you, so you need to make your ponds the best they can possibly be.

We will evaluate your site, conduct lab tests, make recommendations, and do a trial run of our chemistry. Once all our recommendations are in place, we’ll continue to monitor the situation to ensure everything’s running smoothly. We’ll even compare before and after data to make sure our recommendations are on track. But if they’re not, we’ll adjust.

Our custom treatment program will make your water, solids and hydrocarbon separation process faster and more efficient.

Get Help for Your Evaporation Pond

Our salt water disposal experts are ready to take on your problems, whether it’s an emergency or an ongoing issue. We’ll evaluate your evaporation pond and make it perform more efficiently so it’s never the focus of environmentalists or government regulators. So call us today at (800) 747-9953 to get the best-performing evaporation pond for your facility.

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