Pipeline treatment is a vital part of your business when it comes to oilfield scale. Keeping your pipes open ensures your production water gets to or from (or both) your facility without having to put trucks on the road.

But the product you’re transporting through the pipes can damage your infrastructure if you don’t use the right chemistry. This damage can restrict flows, forcing shutdowns to fix the issues. So let the experts at ChemFlo figure out what’s going on in your pipes. We’ll solve your pipeline treatment problems so you don’t have to cover the staggering expense of pipeline repair and replacements.


You know what the problem is in your pipes—corrosion—but you don’t know how to stop it from happening.

Once you call ChemFlo, we’ll bench test your production water flow to determine what’s causing the corrosion. There are many corrosive components in produced waters. The cause could be high chlorides, low pH, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, bacteria, oxygen, or something else. Any of these are corrosive to steel pipes, and may cause equipment failure.

When we know what the problem is, we’ll prescribe the right corrosion inhibitor to stop the damage and maintain production water. But our service doesn’t stop there; we’ll continue with checkups and lab testing to make sure our solution is working. If it’s not quite right, we’ll tweak it until your corrosion issues are gone.

ChemFlo has the knowledge, experience, and chemistry to stop the corrosion in your pipeline.


The problem in your pipes may be scaling. Discovering the culprit and eliminating it is vital to the health of your pipeline.

Scaling will restrict the flow of liquids through your pipes, but it does more damage than that. Oilfield scale increases corrosion, wear and tear on equipment, pumping time, and even power bills because you need more power to push liquids through the restricted area.

The pipeline treatment experts at ChemFlo will listen to you, and test your production water to figure out what’s causing the scaling. It could be paraffin, asphaltenes, calcium, or biomass. Once we know what’s causing the issues, we’ll install the right oilfield scale treatment inhibitor. We’ll also follow up to make sure our treatment continues to work.

Oilfield Scale Causes Expensive Damage

Scaling causes expensive damage to pipelines. But with the right treatment from ChemFlo, your liquids will flow smoothly once again.

Repairing or replacing damaged pipelines because of scaling or corrosion is an expensive task. Let the skilled team at ChemFlo determine what’s causing your problems, and give you the right pipeline treatment. We’ll get your liquids flowing freely, so you won’t have to pay for costly equipment fixes.

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