Oilfield Services

Increase Performance and Profitability

We work closely with our oil producers and salt water disposal operators customers to deliver business outcomes.

We believe that our ATS ChemFlo chemical products and service are deployed to help our customers to increase the performance and profitability. ATS ChemFlo division provides chemicals and services for drilling, completions, water, oil field production, mid-stream processing, as well as, pipeline and diesel fuel additives and a proprietary grease line.

From drilling and completions, to mid-stream production, and water treatment, our unique specialty chemistries outperform and offer our customers a high ROI. Our chemicals are used throughout the oil and gas industry by drilling companies, natural gas plants, oil refineries, chemical plants, and pipelines. We have decades of experience and expertise that enable us to solve our customer’s most difficult problems and a proven program that will optimize your oil field operation whether it is four sites, or you have assets deployed throughout the Permian.

Our ATS ChemFlo proprietary specialty chemical programs are designed for these oi & gas processes and applications:

  • Drilling
  • Completions and Fracking
  • Production
  • Salt Water Disposal
  • Diesel Fuel Additives
  • Wireline Grease

Completions and Fracking Chemical Program Provider

ATS ChemFlo is a completions and fracking chemical program provider and full-service company focused on providing end customer cost effective solutions and program that outperform and provide our customer business results and outcomes.

We have team with decades for experience and technical expertise, we use a consultative approach working with mid-market and large enterprise oil producers:

Methodology & Capabilities

We work closely with our customers using this proven methodology. Our full lifecycle customer relationship management approach and completions chemical program ensures that we customers the results they desire.

Our full-service capabilities include technical site survey, lab testing, product recommendation, logistics, delivery and field service technicians, as well as, ongoing account management, customer support and data analysis and reporting.

We offer a complete suite of completions and fracking chemicals, both commodities and specialty chemicals designed for specific problems and applications that outperform and deliver results. Our chemical program recommendations both outperform and are cost effective.

We provide our customer chemicals from solvents, alcohols, fatty acids, glycols, surfactants, silicones, glycol ethers, chelants, amines, and various acids; you can count on a comprehensive product portfolio from world-class solution provider – ATS ChemFlo.