Your Complete Drilling Fluid Solution

ATS ChemFlo™ offers an extensive line of patent-pending, organic compound drilling fluid solutions. Our fluid is designed to lessen friction by coating both the cased and open holes with an organic, hydrophobic layer that seals off the uncovered formation from shale and water.

Due to its sealing capability and swell-meter rating close to that of oil base mud, ChemFlo’s drilling fluid provides high lubricity and enhances filter cake quality. Furthermore, its high water solubility allows it to efficiently control iron, which can cause major issues in shale and many drilling fluids.

Our fluids are not only excellent lubricants but also enhance your drilling procedures, creating a complete solution for your drilling needs.

Application Process

ChemFlo’s drilling fluid can be added directly to the mud system whenever necessary. (Not just when drilling begins.)  ChemFlo will start the treatment at 2% by volume, and will then monitor and dial in the dosage through lab analysis and chemical efficacy to ensure the results are as efficient and cost effective as possible.

Our Drilling Fluid Reduces Costs and Increases Production

Seals permeable formations When it comes to drilling, it’s important to make sure that the formations you are drilling into are solid. Permeable formations can cause fluids to flow freely and thus create issues such as fluid loss in drilling. ChemFlo’s drilling fluid seals these porous foundations to allow fluids to stay put and seals them off from shale and water.

Enhances cake filter quality: It’s best to get drilling fluids as similar in quality to oil base mud as possible. One way to do this is by improving lubricity numbers through cake filters. The better the quality of the cake filter, the more it will match that of the base oil mud. Poor cake filter quality can result in stuck pipe and other drilling issues. Strong cake filters help to isolate formations from these drilling fluids. ChemFlo’s chemistry mitigates these problems by improving initial cake filter quality laid down in the open hole, resulting in better base oil quality.

Reacts to iron contaminants: Iron is an irritant that can cause corrosion issues within structures, which is a usual problem in drilling. ChemFlo’s drilling fluid reacts with iron, which will prevent such irritation from occurring and can also increase polymer performance.

Lowers drag coefficient: Resistance due to friction is a common issue faced during production; to combat this problem, lubricate the pipes. ChemFlo’s drilling fluid acts as a coating to the casing to lower the drag coefficient to a reasonable level.

Controls fluid loss: In pressure zones, fluid loss occurs before cement hardens due to small holes left in the cake filter. ChemFlo can control the loss of fluid during this process.

Shows similar inhibition to oil base mud: The oil based system’s high-salinity water phase helps to prevent the hydration, swelling, and sloughing of shale into the wellbore. ChemFlo shows similar inhibition to oil base mud in swell-meter ratings.

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