With our lab testing, oilfield testing, methodical process, and team of experts, ChemFlo knows how to get your business in the black. And nothing will boost your bottom line more—other than rising oil prices—than using the correct chemicals at your SWD facility.

Stop wasting money on costly, generic treatments that aren’t doing anything for your business. When you work with ChemFlo, our team of experts starts by analyzing your site. We then then take samples for lab testing to get the most accurate picture of your facility. With the information from oil testing, we prioritize corrective actions. And those recommendations will reduce your operational costs and improve your oil field chemistry.

Expert Methods

To get a custom solution for your unique problems, you need a chemical provider that takes the time to analyze your liquids.

Our team of experts takes samples of your oil and water, and then completes field and lab testing. With the results from these tests we’ll have a complete picture of your oil and water, and tells us what may be causing you problems.

Because of our knowledge and expertise, thoroughly analyzing your liquids gives us the information we need about your facility.

Oilfield Testing & Lab Testing

Once we have the oilfield testing done and lab results in hand, we can begin designing a custom, expert solution for your chemical needs.

The results may tell us there’s too much oxygen in your production water. Or maybe excess solids and paraffins are getting down hole. You may have bacteria that’s causing corrosion and that will lead to H2S problems. But whatever the results tell us, we will design a solution that fits your needs.

With our team of industry-recognized experts—and their combined 150 years of experience—we’ll use lab results to formulate a custom solution that delivers optimal results.

Lab and field test results will give us information about the distinctive elements in your liquids. Once we understand what’s in your liquids, we’ll know what to do to reduce your operational costs.

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