You came to ChemFlo with a problem. So we’ve analyzed your site and situation, done lab testing, made recommendations, and implemented trial installation and testing. And now you’re all set with new oilfield chemistry. But our service doesn’t end there.

We continue to partner with you because we want you to get the best results.

Long-Term Relationship

When you contract with a business to provide new chemicals for your company, it shouldn’t be a short-term affair. You need a partner who’s in it for the long haul.

Ongoing Positive Results From Your Oilfield Chemistry

After our team has set you up with protocols and chemistry to get you the results you want, we continue to monitor the situation. We’ll calibrate your dosing pumps to ensure you’ve got the right oilfield chemistry. We’re not only in the business of chemistry—oilfield monitoring is also part of our package.

In addition, we record the data from your site and regularly report back. Our team wants to continue working with you, to make sure you’re producing the best-quality oil and maintaining the health of your injection well.

A Partner You Can Trust

We want to be part of your oilfield family, working to maintain the quality of your products and health of your equipment.

We use a scientific methodology to determine what changes you need to make at your site to produce the best-quality oil, while saving money in the process. In addition, we use data to back up our findings. We also employ continuous monitoring to ensure they’re working. We want you to be a customer for life.

Our team works hard to earn the trust of our customers. And with our money-saving, quality-enhancing results, you’ll want to maintain our partnership.

Our service never stops with implementation. We continuously monitor and regularly report data back to our customers, to ensure they’re getting and maintaining the results they need.

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