Making the decision to use recycled pit water can make a huge difference in your bottom line.

In the past, oil producers didn’t stop to consider recycled water because it was too expensive to treat the salty, oily water. But technology has changed that. In fact, one oil producer in Texas no longer uses any freshwater for fracing in the Permian basin area—it’s operating with all recycled water. Now that company is saving money and saving water.

But recycling pit water isn’t simple. You need the right expertise, the right chemistry, and the right oversight to make it possible. Our experts at ChemFlo are the right fit for your pit water treatment.

All About the Money (and Water)

There’s the initial cost of freshwater. Then there’s treatment costs, storage costs, and transportation costs. Money spent on water really adds up for your operation.

There’s the public perception that you’re wasting water and causing water shortages.

Pit Water Regulations

And then there are regulatory challenges, like the challenges happening in Oklahoma with the state enacting produced water injection restrictions. Producers really need to recycle their water, because injection is becoming more and more impossible.

Making the decision to treat and reuse your pit water will save you money and improve your public image. Plus, if your state is enacting more restrictions on your injection activities, using recycled water may save your business.

The Right Choice

When you decide to call ChemFlo to get started on water recycling, you’ll get expert help coupled with the right chemistry and long-term assistance.

Our experts will analyze your site, lab test your water, make recommendations, and do a trial run. Then we’ll keep monitoring your progress, review historical data, and continuously look to improve your operation.

We’ll help you save money and water by making chemical and mixing recommendations to best recycle your pit water.

Our water recycling experts are the right choice for your business if you want to save money and save water—all while doing something to help the environment. We’ll help you properly clean and sanitize your pit water for reuse, saving you the cost of freshwater, treatment, storage, and transportation. If you want to put a positive spin on your operation by using recycled water, call us at (800) 747-9953 to get started today.

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