When you’ve got a problem with your oil field chemistry whether, it’s an underperforming polymer, bacteria forming in your pipes, equipment corroding, poor-quality oil, or something else, you want a partner that will work with you to get your facility running efficiently and give you the best-quality product. But you can’t get that without analysis, testing, and trials.

Trial installation and testing is always part of the methodical, multi-step process that our expert team uses to deliver the best results for our customers.

Oil Field Chemistry

When a consultant recommends making major changes to your oil field chemistry or protocols, you shouldn’t blindly follow the recommendations. You should demand a trial period with testing to make sure you’re not wasting money on underperforming chemistry.

You never need to demand trial installation and testing from ChemFlo—it’s part of what we do.

When a customer came to us looking for better-quality oil, we started by collecting samples and conducting lab tests. We discovered the customer needed a better polymer, but also uncovered a problem with the demulsifier. We made recommendations for a trial installation and testing, allowing us to see how our proposed changes would affect the oil.

Customers should always first get evidence that chemical and protocol changes will work before committing time and money to changes. At ChemFlo, that’s what we do.

Data Check

Having accurate pre- and post-trial data is a vital tool when a customer is considering changes to oil field chemistry.

Our expert team will record data on your facility before we make any changes. Then we’ll install our recommended oil field chemistry and set up the dosing for each one. We’ll again record data to show how our recommendations affected your products.

With this information in hand, customers can see evidence for themselves that our custom Oil Field Chemicals recommendations really work.

Trial installation and testing is only part of our above-and-beyond process that puts our expert team a step above the competition.


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