A salt water disposal (SWD) facility in Utah was burning money on treatment chemistries. The costs kept rising as the price of crude oil was dropping—further hurting the business’s bottom line. So the company contacted ChemFlo, and we found the right salt water treatment. Our solution saved the facility hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

ChemFlo’s team of industry-recognized experts specialize in salt water disposal operations and chemical treatments. We understand SWD; we follow a proven process to find you maximum results; and we have the solution for you.

We get it

We understand that you’ve made a huge investment into your salt water disposal facility. Also, we know you need to keep your salt water treatment pipeline flowing and your injection formation healthy. So let us help.

ChemFlo has been in the business of salt water disposal operations and chemical treatments for decades. Because of that, our team of experts has the experience, regulatory knowledge, and know-how to get the best results for any SWD facility.

We are up-to-date on all government requirements—we know the EPA and state regulatory agencies inside and out. In addition, we know how to evaluate a facility to improve processes and boost the bottom line.

If your salt water disposal facility isn’t performing at optimum levels, if you’re spending too much on treatment chemistries, or even if you want to find ways to streamline and improve your processes, ChemFlo understands the business and will help.

Our method

When the Utah facility needed help, our team not only improved treatment chemistries—what the customer initially wanted—we also used our vast experience to improve all processes at the site. The ChemFlo process is what makes us an industry leader in salt water disposal operations and chemical treatments.

When you partner with ChemFlo, we leave no stone unturned to ensure your plant’s running at optimum levels. Our team does a survey of your entire site, and lab tests. We make recommendations, then do a trial installation and testing. When we’ve got everything running like a well-oiled machine, we continue to monitor and review so that you continue to get the best results and most savings.

Our process is what makes ChemFlo the best.

Salt Water Disposal Solutions

We listen to your problems and work with you to find customized solutions.

ChemFlo will help you reduce operational costs with chemical selections, injection locations, production water and oil analysis, and more.

We never rely on one-size-fits-all solutions. Because of our investigative and consultative processes, we see your unique problems and will find a specific solution for you.

Our team of experts can help

Whether you need a better-performing polymer, a more successful scale inhibitor or something else, our team of experts will find the answer to make your facility run more efficiently.

Because of our decades in the business, we know that no two SWD facilities are alike. Our team of consultative experts will find the solution for the unique circumstances at your site, improving your efficiency and saving money. So call us today to get on the path to enhanced processes and cost savings.

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