A salt water disposal (SWD) facility in the Midwest was having problems with repeat equipment failures that resulted in costly repairs. And because the cost of oil was dropping and its production prices and regulations were increasing, the facility needed to make some serious changes. The solution: ChemFlo.

The experts at ChemFlo started by performing a technical site survey. Because we do a survey, we get a big-picture view of the SWD design and its oil field chemistry. And this gives us the information we need to help the facility get on the track to better performance and higher profits.

The Right Questions

Our eight-page technical site survey helps our expert team quickly identify the potential strengths and weaknesses in any salt water disposal operation.

The survey looks at site design, the operation, and the chemical selection. Some of our questions include:
Number of treatment facilities?
Does the customer have a drawing or can they draw out a flow-through diagram of the process?
Number of tankers per day?
Is there any chemistry added here and is it injected in the right location?
What material are the off-load pipes and equipment made of?

Along with oil testing and other lab tests, this survey allows us to make custom salt water disposal recommendations. Following a tested and successful technical survey helps us give customers the best recommendations for optimal performance.

The Right Solutions

One of the things that makes ChemFlo different is that we work to understand the entire process, so we don’t focus in on one element of an operation. Our technical site survey gives us the information we need to understand all aspects of the operation, from equipment to injection well. When we have that data in hand, we can formulate custom chemical solutions for our customers.

Optimized Outcomes for Your Salt Water Disposal

For the plant in the midwest, we recommended chemical changes and new protocols. And now the plant is now running more efficiently than ever.

We use our site survey to gather information so we can make unique recommendations for every customer. Taking a big-picture perspective with the technical site survey allows us to quickly identify problem areas and get the best results for our clients.

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