An injection well in Ohio was suffering from a reduction in injectivity. The rapid plugging of the hole resulted in work stoppages, and expensive equipment repairs and treatments. Facility managers realized something needed to change with their chemistry, so they decided to give ChemFlo a chance, in order to reduce their suspended solids.

Our expert team conducted a thorough investigation with extensive testing and determined that too many solids were getting downhole, which resulted in the rapid and severe plugging of the well. The managers needed to make changes to remove more of the excess solids before they got into the injection well. With ChemFlo’s help, they did just that. Now the injection well is once again healthy and running as designed, and the facility is saving money on expensive treatments and repairs.

Having too many solids getting in your injection well can kill it. You need a chemistry partner who understands how to best remove solids for the long-term health of your well and your business.

Rapid Plugging from Suspended Solids

Under the right (or wrong) conditions, it only takes a seemingly minuscule number of suspended solids to cause damage to your SWD injection well quickly. These solids damage fluid-treating equipment, slash the run time of your filter systems, and end up plugging formations.

Injection of brines with solids concentrations greater than 2 parts per million can lead to plugging problems. At 10,000 barrels per day, 5 ppm of suspended solids end up being 45 kg of solids injected every day.

You carefully designed and constructed your salt water disposal system according to government regulatory specifications. Your injection well is the heart and soul of your SWD operation, and you cannot afford to mess around with excess suspended solids in your brine.

Rapid Relief

Your injection well doesn’t need to suffer the consequences of high solids concentrations in the brine. And your bottom line doesn’t need to suffer from the shutdowns, repairs, treatments, and equipment replacements associated with solids damage. Getting solids out of your water is a difficult task in SWD because they can be oil-wetted or suspended in the water phase and floating on top, but it can certainly be done.

ChemFlo’s Custom Chemistry to the Rescue

But we have the expertise and the right chemistry to get you back on track. Our custom specialty chemicals will strip the oil from the floating solids, allowing them to drop out.

At ChemFlo, our business is keeping your business up and running. When excess solids make it through your SWD tank battery and downhole, the reworking costs can negate your entire year’s profits and have a serious negative impact on your well’s lifespan. With our chemistry and expertise, we will quickly turn things around.

We’ll give you the custom treatment plan you need to get your facility running at optimum levels. With our help, you’ll reduce the number of solids in your brine before they make it into your injection well. And that will slash the amount you spend on tank cleaning and treating your injection well and formation.

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