When you come to ChemFlo because you’ve got a problem with your slop oil treatment—whether you want to drop out more solids, better separate water, or you’re not getting as much oil out of it as you’d like—one of the first things our team of experts will do is sample and analyze what you’ve got. This gives us the information we need to recommend the best-performing demulsifiers, polymers and floc enhancers.

Coming to ChemFlo with your slop oil issues, and following the recommendations of our industry-recognized experts, will make your operation more efficient. And it will boost your bottom line.

Are you getting enough from your slop oil?

Pulling the most water and solids from your slop oil can mean the difference between sinking and thriving for your business.

But improving the quality of oils by removing basic sediment and water is a difficult task. If you’re reworking your slop oil a second time through your centrifuge, then you’re using the wrong demulsifier and polymer.

Our consultative team of experts will use their vast experience, following our revolutionary scientific methodology and thorough lab testing, to choose the right blend for you. Our treatment recommendations are guaranteed to save you up to 50 percent on your polymer costs alone. Also, the method we use will improve your oil by better separating water and removing more solids.

Do you have the right combo?

Getting solids out of your slop oil is a daunting project, and one of the most difficult—but vital—for your business.

The issue of solids in oil is so difficult because they can be oil-wetted and show in high concentrations. If you’re not using the right chemistry, you’re not getting the best quality out of your slop oil.

Improve Your Slop Oil with the Help of ChemFlo

With our decades in the business, ChemFlo has the right treatment for you. We’ll reduce solids, elevating the quality of your oil and reducing—or eliminating—the need to rework it.

ChemFlo is the slop oil treatment specialist. When you follow our recommendations for demulsifiers, floc enhancers and polymers, you’ll boost your bottom line with increased oil extraction. You’ll also get reduced solids down the injection well. Another bottom-line benefit: when you reduce the solids, you need fewer costly acid/solvent/surfactant batch treatments. So give us a call today at (800) 747-9953 if you want to treat slop oil to start producing a better product and making more money.

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